ARMS allows you to pull student-athlete data in the required format to import into the Academic Performance Program. To generate this report, go to the Compliance -> NCAA Reporting Page. The second tab will be the APP Integration area, where you can filter by academic year, term and sport to generate this file. Simply click Generate Data Files and the files will begin to process (this is usually a 30 second process).

* Please note the default file generated will be the "Full Text File".

Once the file is generated you will see it in the Completed Exports section where you will have hot links to download either the CSV or TXT file. The CSV file will allow you to review the information in columns and rows, the TXT file will be utilized for the import process.

If everything looks good, you can take the Text file and import it directly into the APP website. Here are the instructions from the NCAA Academic Portal Technical Instructions (Updated: September 2017).

Import from text file: If the institution's athletics department has its own data file, it may import data into the Academic Portal. The user must choose "DI Data Import" from the "Administration/Reports" drop-down menu.

  • Then the user must click "Import Data".

  • The user will then receive a preview of which imported data fields have errors.

  • The user may then select which records to import by clicking the checkboxes or import all records

There are two file types for import:

  • Full text data file: This import requires a tab-delimited file from the institution's system; or

  • Terms data file: Use a text file to import eligibility and retention outcomes for each term.

*If an institution chooses to import data on multiple occasions, the information in the last import will overwrite all previous imports.

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