ARMS allows you to pull student-athlete data into seven different reports available to import into Compliance Assistant. To generate these reports, go to the Compliance -> NCAA Reporting Page. The first tab will be the CA Integration area, where you can filter by academic year, term, and sport to generate these seven files. Simply click Generate Data Files and the files will begin to process (this is usually a 30 second process).

Once the files have generated you will see the Step 2 - Review Data column appear with hot links to download each file. The files will download as a csv that you can open to review the data in columns and rows.

If everything looks good, go back to your downloads folder, right click on the file, and select open with TextEdit or another word processing software.

After opening the files in a text editor you will be able to copy and paste the full report, and then copy into Compliance Assistant. Simply log into CA, go to the Tools menu, and click on the CSV Import/Export page.

Paste your CSV Text, select the "Table" that matches the name of the file, and then you can choose the Action to Perform.

  • Create: Generates new profiles for SAs not currently in compliance assistant and Imports the CSV Text to new profiles

  • Update: Imports the CSV Text and updates all the current profiles

Click Submit below the text and your import will run. We recommend running a "Create" first and then an "Update" of the same text if you are importing for the first time.

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