You can add your facilities to ARMS for coaches to select as the location when creating their team calendars and scheduling home competitions.

These facilities and their corresponding sections will be linked directly to the Complimentary Tickets interface, allowing you to allocated specific guests to specific sections within your stadiums/arenas.

Additionally, by assigning a Facility to any team event users will be able to search for availability on My Calendar.

To add or update a facility, go to the Administration -> Department page, and click on the facilities tab. From here, "Add Facility" to create a new facility for your institution, or edit to rename a current facility.

When you click Add Facility a new modal will pop up for your to name the facility and save it.

Once created, hit "Add Section" and created as many sections as you need as well as the max capacity for that section.

Helpful Hint: When adding in guests to each section, you will be given an update on the total number allocated to that section as well as the current percent of capacity for the section.

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