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Module: Department
Page: Ticket Management

To run reports go the complimentary ticket management screen then select the ticket management tab. From here reports can be ran within each individual event. Once within the event select the "Generate Guest List" button located to the right of the ticket breakdown widget. We provide the variety of options below to help narrow down your list

  • Request Type

  • Request Status

  • Requesting Sport

  • Format

Format Options:

*Includes columns from left to right

Printable Sign-In Sheet by Group-

Request Type,Ticket Grouping,Guest,Relationship,Request Status,Signature

Printable Sign-In Sheet by Recipient-

Request Type,Guest,Ticket Grouping,Relationship,Request Status,Signature

Spreadsheet Export-

Guest First Name,Guest Last Name,Requestor/Host First Name,Requestor/Host Last Name,Ticket Group,Request Type,Relationship,Origin of Ticket,Ticket Request Status,Section, Custom Registration Question(s)

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