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How ARMS Users can Request Complimentary Tickets
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Module: Department

Page: Complimentary Tickets

Provided that you have access, coaching staff and administrators can request and/or transfer complimentary tickets for upcoming competitions. These requests can be managed from the Department -> Complimentary Tickets page.

Once on the Complimentary Tickets Management page, requestors will be able to request tickets for "Open" competitions from the "My Request" tab by:

  • Clicking "Request";

  • Cliking on the dropdown menu for Guest 1; and

  • Selecting "Myself" or "Add New Guest".

  • New Guest Requests will prompted the requestor to provide their guest's first/last name, and contact information. Please note, additional questions may be asked.

Requestors can manage and see if their complimentary ticket request was approved by clicking on the "Guest Management" tab. An approved guest will have "Allowed" listed in the "Status" column, where a pending request will be listed as "N/A".

If enabled, requestors can transfer tickets for "Open" competitions from the "My Request" tab by:

  • Clicking "Transfer";

  • Selecting the Receipent that will be receiving the complimentary ticket; and

  • Selecting the number of tickets you are transfering.

Note: Requestors will only be able to transfer tickets if they have tickets remaining in their allotment.

Please reach out to your Compliance Office if a competition is unavailable for complimentary ticket requests.

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