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Requesting Complimentary Tickets for Internal Recruits
Requesting Complimentary Tickets for Internal Recruits

How to request Comp Tickets for prospective student-athletes listed in ARMS.

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Module: Recruiting

Page: Recruit's Profile

Coaches and Administrators can request complimentary tickets for prospective student-athletes from their recruit profile by:

  • Clicking on the Ticket Icon in the upper-right hand corner:

  • Choose the Event and Visit, if applicable.

Note: The Compliance Office may require an official or unofficial visit to be logged before requesting complimentary tickets for a prospective student-athlete. In this scenario, please select New Official Visit or New Unofficial Visit button on the Complimentary Ticket Request modal to start a new request. Once the workflow has been submitted, coaches can complete the ticket request.

The prospective student-athlete will automatically be listed as the first recipient of complimentary tickets.

  • Users can then click on the dropdown button underneath each guest heading and add a New Guest or pick an existing relationship listed on the recruit's profile.

Note: any guest added through the New Guest option will be added to the recruit's profile as a relationship.

Once the guest(s) has been added to the event, the Compliance Office can review the approval requests.

If a game is missing from the Choose an Event picklist, please reach out to the Compliance Office for assistance.

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