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Complimentary Tickets - Event Level Settings
Complimentary Tickets - Event Level Settings

Ticket Setting that are only applicable for the event where applied.

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Separately from Sport Default Settings, Administration can manage setting such as allocations, ticket window, and questions for a specific event.

Remember, all available events are pulled directly from that sports' Playing Season calendar and default ticket allocations are defined by the settings configured by Administration.

The following pages are available for Administration and users with the appropriate permissions as defined on their Access Role in Security.

  • Department > Complimentary Tickets > Events tab

  • Click the event name you wish to update

Within each event, there is a "Settings" tab to manage event level default settings in the same way you can manage sport default settings.

Event Allocations

  • Click the Settings tab

  • Select the Ticket/Requestor Type

  • Update event settings and Save at the top right

To update individual athlete or staff allocations

  • Click the Allocations tab

  • Select the Type (Student-Athlete, Sport Staff, Other Staff)

  • Check the box(s) to the left of the individual(s) to update

  • Click the menu button at the top, right

Custom Event Questions

These custom questions are intended to be answered for a specific event, such as, Are you requesting a field pass for this guest? Custom questions can be enabled for specific request types (Student-Athlete/Staff/Prospect) and can optionally be required.

  • Click the Questions tab

  • Scroll to the bottom

  • Add questions as needed

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