Counts Towards Season Used
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Inside the Roster and Eligibility Widget there is a field called "Counts Toward Seasons Used." This value is automatically updated when an SA participates in JV or Varsity competition (or their 5th competition in Football) which is denoted by the coach through their CARA submission. There is now a field available for you to override that automated value to "No" for any rationale you may have.

As an example: For your spring athletes who participated in competition prior to the cancellation of the 2020 spring season, you can update their "Counts Towards Season Used" to "No" via the override field and add a note in their Roster Status card denoting that the season was exempt due to the NCAA's COVID-19 waivers.

This new field is also available for bulk updates by going to the Team - Roster, selecting the impacted SAs and selecting Bulk Update from the action menu in the top right corner.

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