Intro to Comp Tickets

Overview of the Complimentary Ticket functionality offered in ARMS

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ARMS processes complimentary tickets for the following types of requests, which is outlined below:

  • Student-Athlete

  • Staff

  • Prospect

  • External Requests (Prospects, HS Coaches, Groups)

All available games are pulled directly from that sports' Playing Season calendar and ticket allocations are defined by the settings configured by Administration.

For more information on enabling tickets and configuring allocations, see Complimentary Ticket Settings.

Student-Athlete Tickets

Student-Athletes can request tickets for their sport based on the allocations defined by Administration. Requests will be made from their Complimentary Tickets page for any events that are "open" and have allocations available.

Staff Tickets

Staff with an ARMS User account can request tickets as allocated by Administration for any sport with tickets enabled. Requests will be made from the Complimentary Tickets page within Department on the My Requests tab.

Prospect Tickets

Coaching Staff can request PSA Complimentary Tickets directly from the Prospect's Profile in ARMS. Any sport that has prospect tickets enabled and open/allocated events, will be available in the list for reqeust. Administration can optionally require that a visit be logged in order to request Prospect Tickets.

External Tickets

External Ticket Requests can be enabled for Prospects, High School Coaches, and/or Groups. Each sport with this feature enabled will have their own public URL which can be posted on a website or emailed to individuals for making their requests. By Confirming or Denying an external ticket request, the requestor will receive confirmation via email and also see the ticket status on the external site.

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