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Post Graduate and Junior College Recruiting Rules
Post Graduate and Junior College Recruiting Rules

Division 1 Recruiting Legislation for Junior College and Four Year College Transfers

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With the addition of Junior Colleges and Four Year Colleges to the school database, ARMS has also integrated the post graduate Division 1 NCAA legislation to the recruiting rules engine. These rules are applied based off of the high school graduation year associated with the recruit and the EC Academic Certification value stored on the recruit's profile. The post graduate NCAA legislation works forwards from the recruits high school graduation year, applying rules as "One Year Post Graduation," "Two Years Post Graduation," etc.

For all recruits with a status of Projected Non-Qualifier or Non-Qualifier the rules engine will apply the "Year of Residency" legislation, barring coaches from having on-campus contact (Unofficial or Official Visits) during the first year after the recruits high school graduation year.  After that year has elapsed, the prohibition on visits will be lifted, allowing for unlimited unofficial visits and one official visit.

For recruits with any status other than Projected Non-Qualifier or Non-Qualifier, the rules engine will permit an additional official visit after 10/15 of the year of their high school graduation and will also permit unlimited unofficial visits for the prospect.

In addition to the application of visit legislation for post graduated recruits, all evaluation and contact maximums will be applied on an annual basis for post graduate recruits.  Additionally, all applicable quiet and dead period legislation will be applied to all post graduate recruits.

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