We're keeping a constant pulse on the NCAA's response to the COVID-19 spread and updating the respective areas of ARMS to align with these fluid changes.

Recruiting Dead Periods

We have updated all sport's recruiting calendars to reflect the current dead period extending through May 31st, 2020.  If the NCAA makes any changes to extend this dead period later we will update the calendars as soon as possible so your coaches have an accurate reflection of this dead period in ARMS.

CARA Rule Updates

We have established a COVID-19 segment for all sports in ARMS.  This period has been added to each sports playing season and applies the newly passed legislation from the NCAA as follows:

  1. Eight (8) Hours Max CARA Per Week

  2. One (1) Required Off Day Per Week (RARA and CARA applied for Autonomy Institutions)

  3. No CARA One (1) Week Prior to Finals Through The End of Finals

CARA Best Practices

One of the best practices we've seen coaches utilize in ARMS during the quarantine is adding Zoom or Google Hangout links into the notes of the CARA they are adding to their team calendars. These links are shared to the Student-Athlete via the ARMS Mobile app immediately, notifying them of upcoming events where they can click directly from their ARMS Calendar into the linked video conferences.

ARMS Support

ARMS meets via Zoom every morning at 9 A.M. for a daily full company briefing, and the operations team meets at 3 P.M. for a daily debrief before closing out the day. Our support system is running at 100% via the help@armssoftware.com email, our 855-215-2767 phone line, and our integrated chat window. 

Ongoing Decisions

We will continue to monitor the changing regulatory landscape as the NCAA announces any changes to the recruiting or CARA regulations due to COVID-19. Any extensions to any sport's dead periods or the current CARA period will be updated in ARMS.

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