Users can export out five different sets of CARA data for more detailed reporting. These five exports are found inside the "Team" module, in the "Playing Season" page within the box on the left side of the calendar.

Brief Report Descriptions

Participation Report - This export contains all student-athletes with a list of all competitions.  This report indicates which SAs participated in which competitions during the season, and will sum up their individual total competitions and percentage of competition.

Participation Detail - This will list all of the events, and a list of all student-athlete's who were associated with those competitions in a vertical format.  This includes the Event ID and Contact ID for the student-athletes so that you can easily make updates in this sheet and send it back to ARMS to import updated participation information.

CARA Event Detail - This export includes all CARA events on the calendar, including their start time, end time, total minutes so that you can quickly export a "Team CARA List."

CARA Event Athlete Detail - This export provides SA level granularity for when you need to export out all of the CARA for a team and filter by a specific student-athlete's participation in those events.

CARA Approval Detail - This export provides a full list of all CARA checkpoints for the year, denoting which Staff member submitted the CARA Checkpoint for approval, which Student-Athletes were assigned and approved those CARA Checkpoints, and who on the administrative staff completed the departmental approval.

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