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ARMS allows users to track their student-athlete’s APR data, defining who is in each sport’s cohort, and track their term level retention and eligibility values. Once the cohorts are defined and retention and eligibility values are set, ARMS will automatically calculate the Single Year APR score for that team, the multi-year APR score for that team, and also the departmental averages for the single year and multi-year APR scores. These APR Scores are calculated by summing up all of the earned points, dividing that by the total number of points, and then multiplying that value by 1000.

ARMS will properly track the APR values for both semester and quarter schools. For a semester school, ARMS calculates 1 point for every retention and eligibility point earned for each term, giving a student-athlete a maximum value of 4/4. Per NCAA guidelines, a quarter school’s APR score is calculated by counting 1 point for retention and eligibility for each term except for the final term that the student-athlete is in the cohort for during that academic year. In the final term the score is doubled for the eligibility and retention points, giving a student-athlete a maximum value of 8/8 during a full academic year at a quarter school.

In addition to the simple “Yes” or “No” options for the retention and eligibility values for each student-athlete, ARMS includes the full list of options provided by the NCAA and adds points to the student-athlete’s numerator and denominator as defined by the NCAA and laid out in appendix F of the APP Manual (https://www.ncaa.org/sites/default/files/2014-15%20APP%20Manual%20with%20Appendices%2011-17-14.pdf).As an example, if a student-athlete is a “Yes” for both their spring and fall retention points, and a “Yes” for their fall eligibility, but a “No” for their spring eligibility, then the student-athlete will have earned 3 out of a possible 4 points. If, instead of being a Yes/No in the spring semester, the student-athlete is a medical absence waiver, then they will count as a 2/2.

To manage the student-athlete’s APR values in bulk, users can go to the Compliance -> NCAA Reporting, APR page and then click into the sport they wish to update. The full list of all student-athletes associated with the sport’s roster for the year, regardless of their current status (e.g. Quit, Official Roster, Graduated), will populate in this page. Users can check the box next to the student-athletes they wish to update, then click “Manage APR Data”  and manage if the selected student-athletes are in each term’s cohort, and what the value should be for the term’s eligibility and retention points. Once these values are set, the single year value will automatically calculate based on these student-level values.

Users may also manage the APR values inside the student-athlete’s profile in the ‘Roster Status’ widget. In this roster status card, user can also view the change history for both eligibility updates and APR updates so that the date, time, and user making the change will be fully visible.

In addition to the student-athlete’s APR values, institutions may also utilize “bonus points” that count towards the numerator of their APR score without incrementing the denominator. An example of these bonus points would be a delayed graduation point for a past student-athlete who returns and receives their degree. To add these bonus points for the sport, click the “edit” button at the top of the team level screen, just below each year’s APR score and add the total number of bonus points for that sport for the year. As a note, you may put in as many bonus points as you’d like, but the single year APR score will be capped at 1000.

For those who want to update their past year’s data without setting the individual student-athlete’s, users can flip to “Enter Total Points” mode above the bonus points field. This will remove the list of the student-athletes and allow the user to plug in the total earned points and the total possible points for the team to allow a quick update of the single year APR score.

The Multi-Year APR score is calculated by summing all of the earned points for the previous 4 years and any bonus points during those academic years and dividing that number by the total possible points, then multiplying that number by 1000. The department Single Year and Multi-Year scores are calculated by adding the individual sport APR values and the dividing that by the total number of sports with APR calculations.

Sports will appear in the APR page based off of the “NCAA Reporting” toggle being flipped to yes in the Administration -> Sport Configuration page. If there are sports appearing that you do not track APR or Squad Lists for, simply go to the Sport Configuration page and untoggle those sports to remove them from this screen as well as the Squad List screen.

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