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Restoring a Recruit Profile
Restoring a Recruit Profile

This article outlines the process for restoring archived PSA profiles

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ARMS Users have the ability to restore previously archived (deleted) Recruit profiles.

To restore a Recruit profile, navigate to the Recruiting Module > Recruit Archive page.

From the Recruit Archive page:

  1. Use the Graduation Year picklist to filter down to the grad year of the prospect(s) you would like to restore. 

  2. Utilize the action boxes to the left of the PSA's name to select the profile(s) you need to restore. 

  3. Once you have the action box checked go to the action menu and select the Restore Recruit option. 

  4. Once a recruit is restored their profile will be accessible inside of the Recruits page.

If you are still able to access a deleted recruit's profile (through the recent items section or from the recent activity feed) you can restore the profile by clicking the Restore Recruit button in the red banner at the top of the profile.

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