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How to preview an email / Email Theme you are about to send

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Want to see what your Email Theme/Email will look like in a Recruit's/Alumni's inbox before you send it?

  • In the email feature click the Preview button in the top right hand corner.

  • Now you will be able to see the Email Theme you have selected and how it will appear to the intended recipients. 

  • The Subject of the Email will also be located at the top in Orange

  • Mail Merge (Recipients Name) & Questionnaire links will not populate in the Preview mode. They will remain as you see it on your side of ARMS. 

  • This is to show you what Merge/Backup Text and Questionnaire you have chosen and because these options are individualized to the recipient.

When the email is sent, the Mail Merge and Questionnaire Link will populate with the individualized information for the Name and the link to the Questionnaire as normal. 

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