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Inbound Caller ID
Inbound Caller ID

Know who's calling you with the use of your ARMS Mobile app

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ARMS Mobile for iPhone (version 5.7 or greater) has the ability to identify inbound calls where the phone number matches a contact in ARMS. ARMS Caller ID can identify recruits, student-athletes, and related contacts.

Enabling Call Identification
Enable inbound call identification with these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone

  2. Tap Phone

  3. Tap Call Blocking & Identification

  4. Toggle on ARMS Mobile

Receiving Inbound Calls
If a contact's number is already in your phones Contacts list then you will be shown this contact. If a contact's number does not match anyone in your Contacts then your phone will look up the number in ARMS Mobile.

  • Note: Recruits will display their high school graduation year to aid with inbound call legislation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to sync my ARMS Mobile contacts to my phone contacts list?
    No, you do not need to take any action beyond the installation instructions above. ARMS Caller ID automatically makes your ARMS contacts available to your phone to use as a secondary caller ID tool.

  2. Will ARMS Caller ID work if I haven't opened the ARMS Mobile app?
    When you open the ARMS Mobile app any new or updated contacts (recruits, student-athletes, and related contacts) will automatically download to your ARMS Mobile app. At this point, the phone numbers will be made available to your phone for caller ID. This synchronization with the phone's caller ID directory can only occur when the app is open, so you must open the app periodically to ensure a complete list of numbers for caller ID.

  3. Why was a number not identified by ARMS Caller ID?
    In rare cases, your program may have more phone numbers than your phone can handle. This threshold is typically around 100,000 phone numbers. In this case, the ARMS Mobile app will automatically prioritize recruit phone numbers of future graduation years. If you have a specific case you'd like us to research please provide the phone number to ARMS Support.

  4. Will Caller ID work on inbound Text Messages?
    iOS does not allow Caller ID to identify inbound text messages from contacts in your mobile app.

  5. Is ARMS Caller ID available on Android devices?
    ARMS Caller ID is currently only available on iPhones.

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