Do you have a video of a recruit on your phone that you want to upload to ARMS?

To upload a video it must have a URL link (Hudl, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) to be put in the Video's Widget on a recruit's profile.

This article is the Best Practice for taking videos from your phone (iPhone demonstrated below) and putting them on ARMS. 

STEP 1: Save the Video

  • If you recorded the video on your phone it will already be saved. If you have received this video from some one else, click into it and save it to your phone.

  • Once saved you will be able to select this video from your gallery

STEP 2: Choose your Video Sharing Service

  • We recommend using Youtube (demonstrated below), however any video site that creates a link for the video can be utilized

  • Download the Youtube App & Create a free account

  • Once logged in, choose to upload the video you want to add

  • From this upload feature, choose the video you want to create a link for

  • Once selected, Make the video UNLISTED, meaning that the video can't be opened unless the link is clicked into, and title it. This will keep the video private to only those who have the link.

  • Once uploaded, the video will be available to share via a link (by clicking the 3 dots on the right hand side)

  • Or underneath the video

  • Copy the link from the SHARE options

  • Through the web, find the Recruit's Profile and click on the Video Widget

  • Add New Video

  • Paste Link (Info will auto-populate)

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