When considering forms that require a parent signature for minors, it is important to remember that you must be an ARMS User to complete a workflow in ARMS. However, that doesn't mean minors cannot still complete workflow in ARMS. 

All workflows where a parent signature is required if athlete is a minor should include the following question: "Are you under the age of 18?". 

This question allows ARMS to conditionally display extra fields and/or approval steps, as well as run reports. 

Option 1 (Most Common): Electronic Signatures 

If "Yes" to the question above, Electronic signature fields will display for both the Athlete and the Parent/Guardian. In addition to the electronic signature, a required field will display for Parent/Guardian email and phone number. 

This option allows Administration to follow up with the parent directly to confirm that they did, in fact, sign the electronic workflow form with their son/daughter. 

Option 2: Print to Sign

If "Yes" to the question above, additional instruction will display to prompt athlete to "Save" and "Print" the workflow for signature by their Parent/Guardian. 

Optionally, a required file upload space will appear to uploaded the signed workflow form for submission. 

If there is no file upload required to submit the form, ARMS recommends a file upload in the Approval Step to attached the signed workflow form for documentation. 

Option 3: Administration Follow-Up

If "Yes" to the question above, the workflow form will go to an Approval step (if not already configured) where Administration has options to:

  • Follow up directly with the athlete's parent

  • Save a copy of the Workflow as a PDF and send to parent for signature

  • Attach a copy of the signed form  

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