Creating Team CARA Events

For CARA Purposes, Team Events should be created on the Playing Season page for the specified sport. 

Use the instructions found in Creating Team Events to complete the team's schedule in ARMS. 

Helpful Hint: ARMS can Import your Team Competitions. Please use the Competition Import Requirements to create your spreadsheet, and send to

Updating Athlete's Participant Status for Competition

In order to accurately track an athlete's competition participation (for seasons used and hardship waivers), each competition should be updated to accurately reflect the athlete's participation, i.e. competed, status. 

Option 1:
Update on individual Competition event on Playing Season page within the Event Detail. 

Option 2:
Update via the Log Submission modal.

Reviewing Warnings

The Compliance Rules Engine built into ARMS will automatically review each saved event, using the Event Type, Date, and Participation Minutes. All potential compliance conflicts will be identified with a Yellow Warning sign. 

Clicking on the Yellow Warning symbol will detail which rule(s) is potentially being violated. Click the rule in question to expand and see more details. 

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Submitting Assigned CARA Logs

Your institution's compliance office is responsible for creating the teams' championship/non-championship segments and managing log assignment settings. 

Using the instructions in Submitting CARA Events for Certification, a user can submit logs for Compliance approval when assigned. 

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Option 1: Submit from My Tasks

Option 2: Submit from Playing Seasons 

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