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Updating Student-Athlete Relationships
Updating Student-Athlete Relationships
Options for adding contacts like Parents to your student-athlete roster
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Within ARMS, you (as well as the Student-Athlete) will be able to update the Relationship Contacts for your Student-Athletes.

By going into the Student-Athletes profile, you will be able to click on the Relationship widget:

You will see the existing Relationships saved to edit, or the ability to add New Relationships to this Student-Athlete:

When adding a New Relationship, you will be able to search to select existing contacts in your database or create a new contact profile:

Once you click on the Add New Student-Athlete Contact option, it will take you to the Add New Relationship screen to fill in the contact's information.

Once the contact is edited/added to the Student-Athlete profile, the contact will be able to also be found in the ALL CONTACTS tab under TEAM:

Your Student-Athletes also have the ability to update their relationships in ARMS. They will be able to login on the Web Browser version of ARMS and click on either MY PROFILE or UPDATE PERSONAL INFORMATION:

Once in their profile, they will be able to go to the RELATIONSHIPS section to edit/remove existing Relationship Contacts, or ADD a new contact:

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