Recruiting Activity Log
Use this ARMS Workflow to have coaches sign off on their activities monthly.
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Specified ARMS Users (coaching staff) can be assigned a monthly workflow that rolls up their recruiting activities for the month prior to certify as accurate in ARMS. These activities include:

  • Phone Calls

  • Off Campus Contacts

  • Evaluations (Countable & Non-Countable)

  • Visits (Official & Unofficial)

Workflows are assigned on the 1st of the month for activities occurring the month prior. Below are the configuration options: 

Individual Coach Certification

ARMS Users with the Process Role for "Recruiting Log Approver" will only certify their own recruiting activities as logged in ARMS. 

Team Log Certification

ARMS Users with the Process Role for "Team Recruiting Log Approver" will be assigned a log with the entire staff's logged activities for review and approval in ARMS. 

Note: Only assign the Recruiting Log Approver Process Role for the sport(s) in which the coach recruits out of in ARMS.

To have these logs assigned monthly, just add the Process Role for either Recruiting Log Approver or Team Log Approver to an ARMS User's profile, for their sport.  See also: Submitting Recruiting Activity Logs

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