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Financial Aid Import Specifications
Financial Aid Import Specifications
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The following Import Specifications are required by the ARMS Data Team for importing individual Financial Aid Awards. These specifications can be provided to your IT Team or Department providing the export.

Helpful Hint: ARMS can setup Automated Imports via a Secure Server. Please contact your Account Manager at ARMS to schedule a call between our data team and your University's IT Contact.

Data Assumptions

  • The file must have a single row with a unique value for each column containing data.

  • The file must be in a valid .CSV format.  

1. Import the Department's Fund Codes 

Fund codes must be imported or created manually in ARMS. For Imports, the following must be provided:

  • Fund Name/Description

  • Fund Code

  • Award Category (Athletic-Countable, Other-Countable, Other-Non-Countable)

  • Value - if a fixed amount for all awards of this type (not required for import) 

2. Import Individual Aid Awards - Data Mapping Specifications

The following Data Mapping Specifications are required to import individual Financial Aid Awards.  

Note for Division II Clients: Please include the sport code the aid counts towards when sending financial aid data to ARMS.

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