Configure Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO can be optionally configured to allow your staff and student-athletes to login to ARMS using their University assigned ID and Password. 

Please provide the documentation and/or the PDF attachment in our Single Sign-On help article to the Department's IT contact.

Email Whitelisting and Specifications

ARMS recommends that all Departments provide Whitelist Information to Campus IT. Whitelisting the ARMS IP Addresses will provide greater delivery success to your University email addresses.  

Data Import/Export Guidelines

ARMS provides a dedicated Data Integration Team to work with the Athletic Department and Campus IT. The ARMS Data Integration Team handles the mapping of client data into the ARMS system and allows the Department to utilize existing exports already in use. 

Our Import Guidelines can be provided to the Department's IT contact, as well as requirements for importing Financial Aid and/or Academic Information.  

Do you need to send data to a secure server for import? The ARMS Data Integration Team will work with you to setup a secure FTP drop for your files. Just contact your ARMS Account Manager or email us at to get started.

Quick Reference: IT Integration Summary


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