Once all of the academic information is listed in the system, administrators will have the ability to review Progress Toward Degree from a department, team and student-athlete level.

To review Progress Towards Degree, go to:

  • Academics;

  • Progress Towards Degree.

The information on this screen will provide administrators with a quick glance of the department's Progress Towards Degree standing.

The "Details" button on this screen and the team's screen provides more information about the team's and student-athlete's deficiencies in maintaining their Progress Towards Degree requirements.

From the team's summary page, administrators can switch between the credits earned for the semester or the credits remaining. 

From the student-athlete's  summary page, administrators can see, which requirements were met, the number of credit hours a student-athlete was enrolled in and which courses counted toward their Progress Towards Degree requirements. 

If a grade is changed or a course becomes degree applicable, an administrator can adjust that information at the course level by selecting "Edit" on the far right side of the screen.

Note: If coaches want to be able to view the Progress Towards Degree badge on their student-athlete's profile, they can customize the student-athlete profile set and add the Progress Towards Degree Widget to their customize view.  Please review Custom Views Layout Options and Customizing Profile Views.

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