We know many programs utilize recruiting tactics beyond just directly contacting PSAs. These methods are especially present when a recruit is not, by NCAA rule, available for direct communication. This article is the Best Practice for effectively organizing and recruiting PSA's before the Summer of their Junior year in High School through ARMS.


Through the ARMS Mobile App you can log calls on a PSA's profile and make calls to the both PSA's and their Related Contact's. Remember, for EARLY RECRUITING, calling the PSA or their family members is not allowed.

When making a call to a PSA's Related Contact, go into the PSA's Profile and click into their relationships widget.

Select the Relationship you want to call (Remember no family members!)

Double click on the number you want to call and it will outsource to your Mobile Phone to make the call.

Once the call is finished, you can log the call and save it into ARMS in several ways. 

  • On the PSA's profile in the the ARMS Mobile App through the Comment feature.

  • On the PSA's profile in the the ARMS Mobile App through the Log Call feature. 

  • On the Related Contact's profile on the web version of ARMS. Reference the EARLY RECRUITING WEB article on how to log calls on the computer.


The two options for Logging a Call on the ARMS Mobile app are through the Call and Comment features on the PSA's Profile. We recommend, for compliance reasons, that you use the Comment feature to log calls made to a PSA's Related Contact. In this article we will describe both methods below.


On the PSA's Profile: Click into the Comment Feature on the right side of the screen. Simply type in the details of the call you made to the Related Contact and hit the green check mark to save it. You can also use the Voice-To-Text feature on your phone to verbally input a lengthy phone discussion.


On the PSA's profile: Click into the Call Feature > Click the Log Call option. (Notice Warnings will still show on PSA Profile)

Select "Talked with someone else" to signify talking with the PSA's Related Contact.

Fill out the time, call information, check the Compliance Exception button, and write in the notes that you talked with a Related Contact.

The call will appear on the PSA's profile as being made to them, however it will not flag as a violation on ARMS.

Both of these methods of Logging Calls will be shown on the PSA's Profile under the Recent Activities Feed. Also every coach on staff will be able to see this information on their Recruiting Dashboard as well. 

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