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Best Practice - Multi-Day Evaluations
Best Practice - Multi-Day Evaluations

How to give PSA's from a multi-day Tournament correct evaluations

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ARMS now allows you to create evaluations for PSA's from one event that spans multiple days. This is described in the Multiple Evaluations article.

The link above provides the basics of adding multiple evaluations to one PSA. Here we will discuss the best practice for adding multiple evaluations to a group of PSA's from a recently attended tournament.

Prior to you or your staff attending a tournament, ARMS suggests creating the tournament in ARMS. This allows you to have the tournament dates in your Recruiting Calendar and helps us during the import process.

Once your staff has returned from the Muti-Day event/Tournament, we advise compiling the evaluation notes and PSA's info into one excel sheet. From this sheet we will import all the information you provide into the ARMS Database. Importing basics and requisites can be found in the articles here: Import Guidelines    Recruiting Imports

Once imported, we will attach the PSA's to the Tournament you attended. At this time the PSA's will only be accounted for one evaluation, even if you have the tournament spanning over multiple days on your Recruiting Calendar.

To match the number of evaluations with the number of days you were at the tournament, go into the Tournament.

  • Select all PSA's you saw play multiple times

  • Go to the three bar action menu in top right hand corner

  • Select "New Quick Evaluation"

  • Fill out necessary info and notes of "Evaluated"

  • Continue this process to match as many days as you were there (3 evaluation days = 2 New Quick Evaluations made) 

Once completed, each recruit associated with the tournament will have the correct number of evaluations per Compliance, your original evaluation notes, and show the amount of days the recruit has been evaluated on their profile. This is the best practice to add multiple evaluations from a Multi-Day Tournament quickly and efficiently in ARMS. 

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