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Best Practice - Team Study Hall

How to create Team Study Hall with Check-In Management

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The Check-In Management feature in ARMS allows you to create events where Student-Athletes have to report their attendance through the ARMS Mobile App.

This feature can be turned on for any events on your Team Calendar, however most schools use it for such things as classes and team mandated events. One feature we want to promote is the ability to have Team Study Halls.

Study Hall events in ARMS can be created, similar to classes, where you designate specific times for SA's to "Check-In". This is a good way to hold SA's accountable for Team Study Hall hours. SA's will also be able to "Check-Out" during the Study Hall Event as well. Below is an example of how to best utilize Team Study Halls 

In your Team Calendar, add an event titled "Study Hall". Within the details of the event, you can get creative and tailor your Team Study Halls to your particular program and SA's needs.

For this example:

  • The event is created to be recurring, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evening for an hour 4-5PM until the end of the spring

  •  A small group of SA's (4) are added as participants to the Study Hall for Check-In, you can add the entire team or just one individual.

  • This will only be shown on the SA's calendar who are marked as participants for the event

Looking into more detail:

  • Future events can be clicked into and edited at any given time on the team calendar. (Add/Remove SA's from Study Hall, Change Time, Date, Location, etc.)

  • Check-in is marked as required and there is a 15 minute Window for them to still be able to check in after the event has ended

Once this event is saved, it will be shown on the Team Calendar for all Staff members and will be seen only on the selected SA's calendars.

SA's will receive a push notification reminding them to check in to the event 15 min. before the start time. They can check-in from the time the event starts until the end of the post event window (15 min.).

After the event you will be able to see the status of the check-in, timestamps of the check-in,  and geo-tag of where the check-in took place. This can be found in the Time Management module under the Check-In Management tab.



Can this be a Department Wide Study Hall, with members from multiple sports?

  • Yes! you will want to create a multi-sport group through the Department tab under Student-Athletes. You can put this under the sport "Athletic Department" as well.

Do you have the ability to check-in and check-out multiple times in a Study Hall Event?

  • No, there is only one check-in and one check out to an event. This is why we encourage having specific study hall times instead of a roaming study hall where SA's come and go.

Can you count Study Hall Hours?

  • No, we currently don't keep a running tally of the amount of time a SA has been in Study Hall. However you and use the EXPORT option in the top right hand corner to calculate on your end as needed

How does the geo-tag work?

  • It takes a snap shot of their location when they check-in. It doesn't follow them, and it doesn't force them to stay in the study hall throughout the event.

  • It will give you an idea of where they are, but we can't verify building or room number.

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