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Importing Financial Aid Awards and Management

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Student-Athlete Financial Aid award information can be stored in ARMS to provide better visibility across the department and accurately generate Squad Lists for NCAA reporting. 

Importing Financial Aid Awards

Step 1: Setup Fund Codes
Your list of Fund Codes can be imported via spreadsheet. Each code will default to either be considered Athletic Aid, Other Countable Aid, or Non-Countable Aid. Individual awards can be modified as needed to accurately represent the type of aid. 

Step 2: Import Individual Financial Aid Awards
An export from the institutions source of record can be provided to ARMS for import. Individual awards will be available for review and manual modification via the SA Profile or the Overview page in Financial Aid. 

Manual Updates to Awards
After individual awards have been imported to ARMS, they can be manually adjusted as needed. 

Updating COA/GIA

Manual Updates

Institutional GIA and COA codes and corresponding amounts are setup in the Financial Aid Module of ARMS within Settings.

Once codes have been added, they will be available to apply to Student-Athlete's Financial Aid Widget and also set as the equivalency denominator accordingly.

Optionally, you can bulk update the GIA/COA values for athletes from any roster view.

Once you have added the requisite GIA and COA Codes into ARMS, from either the Team -> Roster or Department -> Student-Athletes Page you can select the Student-Athletes you want to update, go into the Action Menu in the top right corner, and select "Bulk Update."

From this menu you can update the GIA Code or COA Code and select the code you want to utilize to update the Student-Athletes. This will set their GIA or COA Code and also update their GIA or COA maximum value based off of the default for that code.

Once you have configured the GIA and COA codes/values for your student-athletes, you can utilize the same "Bulk Update" option to select the "Equivalency Denominator" for the selected student-athletes. This will determine whether their equivalency is based on the GIA max value or their COA max value.*

Importing Values

Optionally, a spreadsheet of each athlete's GIA and/or COA can be provided for import. Spreadsheet import requests should be sent to and include the following columns with headers:

  • SA Name

  • SA Student ID

  • GIA

  • COA

Financial Aid Overview

Click on the Sport to view the full roster and the "Details" button to display an athlete's individual details for modification. 

Within the details for an individual athlete, edits to awards can be made. When a manual edit is made, ARMS will default to "lock" the award so that it will not be modified by any future imports. 

Helpful Hint: If you are reviewing individual athlete aid for an entire sport, the "Previous" & "Next" buttons to quickly move from one athlete to the next. 

The Financial Aid widget is also available on all SA profiles. If you do not see the widget toward the center of the profile, simply customize your view.  

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