Student-Athlete Roster Management

Rosters in ARMS and most commonly managed by the Department's Compliance staff. The ability to add/change status/remove student-athletes is permission based and can be modified for individual users as needed. 

Adding New Student-Athletes
Student-Athletes can be added to ARMS in bulk via and import or manually added individually. Please Review all of the options available in the Adding Rosters and New Student-Athlete article. 

Roster Status Changes
Throughout the year a roster member's status may be updated in ARMS to accurately reflect their status on the Official Roster. These status changes may also impact the athlete's access to ARMS by deactivating their account if applicable. The Roster Status Change Widget will step you through making Status Changes and how the new status will effect the athlete's account in ARMS. 

Dual Sport Athletes
Rather than creating duplicate accounts for a student-athlete in ARMS, their existing profile should be associated with any sport roster in which they are a member. Follow the steps in Adding a Student-Athlete to an Additional Sport to update your rosters. 

Deleting Student-Athletes
Student-Athletes that have been added to a roster, but never actually joined the team can be deleted from the roster entirely. This action should only be taken if the athlete was never part of the team at the start of the season or academic year (whichever is first). Step-by-Step instructions are in the Deleting a Student-Athlete article. 

Check out the section for Student-Athlete Rosters to view all available Roster Management help articles.  

CARA Management

CARA Setup/Segment Configuration
In order to track CARA (Countable Athletically Related Activities) in ARMS, Academic Years and Individual Sport Segments must each be configured annually. Both are configured within Time Management. 

In addition to configuring Individual Sport Segments annually, the Frequency at which a log is assigned for approval and the (optional) Student-Athlete Approver Groups must be configured. This is saved for each sport individually.  

Log Assignments
Specified staff will be tasked with reviewing and approving the CARA Logs in ARMS prior to review by Compliance. Each department can define, per sport, who on the staff should be responsible for reviewing and submitting logs. Defining the CARA Log Submitter provides Step-by-Step instruction on setting up the Submitters and reviewing who your submitters are. 

The ARMS CARA Compliance engine evaluates a program's playing season schedule against over 200 rules from Section 17 in the NCAA Division I and Division II manuals.

Warnings will be broken down by event, day, and/or for the week using a warning icon and flagging the warning in yellow. Both the sport's coaching staff and Compliance have visibility to these warnings. 

For details on viewing Warnings in ARMS, check our the article for How do CARA Warnings work?

 Log Approvals
The Log Approval Process is configured within the Setting page of Time Management. Instructions and recommendations are located in the Configuring Departmental CARA Approval Process article. 

Submitted Logs are tracked in the Time Management module and can be reviewed for Final Approval on the Submitted Logs page. Please review the Approving Playing & Practice Logs article for detailed instructions.

For more information on CARA in ARMS, please review the available articles in the CARA Management and CARA Warnings & Issues sections.

Recruiting Activities

Any Recruiting Activities logged directly on a recruit's profile, imported via a spreadsheet, or logged on the ARMS Mobile app are viewable within Compliance on the Recruiting Activities page.  

Pro Tip: Use the ARMS Recruiting Activity Log workflow to have your coach's sign off on their logged activities monthly. 

Workflow Management 

Electronic Forms in ARMS are referred to as "Workflows". Not only do we take your paper forms and make them electronic, but ARMS is able to create custom rules to route your forms to the correct approvers and send automated emails so everyone is "in the know". 

Assigning Workflow
Workflow forms & packets can be assigned to Student-Athletes and Staff. Follow the step-by-step instructions for all options for Assigning Workflow

Approving Workflow
Workflows that are assigned to a user for either completion or approval are found within the Workflow module on the Forms Hub page. Here you can review all workflow assigned to your Process Role and also review the status of other workflows that have been launched. 

Please review the article for Completing an Assigned Workflow for more instruction. 

Building Workflow
All workflow forms are custom built by the ARMS Support Team. New paper forms that you would like to turn to electronic, please send to Additionally, any updates to existing workflows can be sent to the same email. 

For a list of help articles about building and administering workflow in ARMS, please check out the section for Workflow Administration

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