Module: Recruiting
Page: Recruit Profile

An Academic Evaluation can be completed for each prospect by using the Academic Evaluation widget. If you do not see this widget on the prospect's profile, you’ll need to customize the Recruit Profile View (see article for Custom Views) to add the widget. 

Note: Academic Evaluations are a permission-based feature. If you cannot add or edit an academic evaluation, please contact your System Administrator or ARMS Support at

Upon starting the academic evaluation, you will be prompted to select the type of evaluation, actual or projected.  

  • Actual evaluations will be based on existing information (i.e., completed transcripts and test scores).

  • Projected evaluations are a mixture of existing information and projected information (i.e., “What If” Scenarios).

Creating an Academic Evaluation:

  • Select Transcript and Test Score files you plan to evaluate. 

  • ARMS automatically pulls the NCAA ETS Profile for the prospect’s high school.

  • Confirm the Academic Year type of the HS (semester or trimester).

  • Enter the following information for each subject area’s applicable courses:

  1. Course name;

  2. Grade the prospect received;

  3. Points the prospect earned;

  4. Number of units the prospect took.

  • ARMS will default the "Points" earned for the course based on the following: A = 4.0, B = 3.0, C = 2.0, D = 1.0, F = 0.0

  • These defaults are editable so if you need to adjust them for AP or Honors weight you can do so.

  • ARMS calculates the quality points for each course automatically. 

  • Courses can be locked-in to denote satisfaction of the 10/7 legislation

  • ARMS updates the number of completed core courses for each subject area

Once all courses and test scores are input, ARMS calculates the Core GPA, the prospect's best test scores, and denotes where they fall on the initial eligibility scale. ARMS will then suggest a projected eligibility status. To save the prospect’s projected eligibility status, save the evaluation and select “Update Recruit’s Profile.”

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