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Customizing Recruit Profile Summary Print Report
Customizing Recruit Profile Summary Print Report
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Module: Administration
โ€‹Page: Custom Views

If you need to print a hard copy summary profile report, in your ARMS System you have the ability to customize the information found on the Recruit Profile Summary Print Report.

Customizing the Recruit Profile Summary Print

  • Click on the Administration module to access the 'Custom Views' page.

  • Click on Custom Views to access the 'My Layouts' screen.

  • On the My Layouts screen, click on the orange button at the top right called 'Add Layout'.

  • Select Recruit Profile Summary Print to access the 'Default Recruit Profile Summary Print Layout Designer'.

  • This designer page allows you to customize the information in your Recruit Profile Summary Print.ย 

  • Using 'Drag and Drop' movements, you can drag both standard and custom fields from the column on the left, into the layout on the right.

  • You can also add additional 'Engagement' information to the bottom of your profile print, but dragging in the information you'd like.

Once you have customized the report to your specifications, you can name it and save it to your ARMS system. Once saved you will be able to pull this print set anytime you attempt to print a recruits profile (See Printing a Recruit Profile)

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