Modules: Analytics, Storefront, Website, Communication, Reporting, Site Settings

ARMS's recent redesign of the ARMS Camp page, now allows users easy access to manage, create, and successfully operate their camps, through our new interface. The information below summarizes the various modules now provided to users.


The analytics page will be the main screen all users are presented when signing on to their ARMS Camp page.

  • Here users will have access to overall summaries of camp data, including: number of registrants, revenue, email stats, website states, open rate, and conversion rate.

  • In addition, ARMS now provides users with visual graphics that summarize Revenue per Day, Registrations by Day, and Site Traffic through various graphs.

Note: The analytics page is displaying data based on activity over the last 30 days. This information is updated nightly. 


  • Through storefront, users can access a desired event's summary of data, Event Activity, Event Setup, and Registration Process Setup.


Website allows users to manage all designs on the user's website.

  • Users have access to Site Content, Homepage, Staff, FAQs, Facilities, Custom Page (1)(2)(3), Footer, Multimedia, Social Media, Contact Information.


Communication allows users access to all of their contacts (campers from previous and future camps) and emails (outbox, inbox, scheduled, draft, archived)


In Reporting, users are able to filter and export desired data. Reporting enables users to find and export registrations, transactions, disbursements, and manual disbursements.

Site Settings:

In Site Settings, users are able to manage a variety of settings that appear on their website. Those include the following:

  • Custom Fields- Add/ Manage fields. Define information you'd like to collect.

  • Documents- Manage registration-Related documents

  • Event Categories- Define and manage event categories

  • Discount Codes- Define and manage discount codes

  • Deposit Terms- Define deposit terms

  • Acceptance Terms- Define acceptance terms for taking the registration

  • Participant Waivers- Add/ Manage participant waivers such as liability and claim release forms

  • Email Templates- Build reusable email template

  • Search Engine-Define your meta description text so that search engines can identify and display your description within results.

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