Tracking Email Replies
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Module: Recruiting, Team, Department, Advancement
โ€‹Page: Communication

ARMS offers the flexibility to send emails on behalf of other staff members, as well as dictate who should receive the email replies. The From and Reply To fields will default to you, the signed in user, but can be adjusted as necessary.

Where will email replies go?
Email replies will be sent to the inbox of the User displayed within the Reply To field in the email editor. If enabled, replies will be tracked through ARMS and delivered to the personal email inbox for that user.

How do I view Sent & Reply Emails?
Utilizing the ARMS Communication Page, all staff members will have access to view email replies as they are received into ARMS via a direct email reply or a Fwd/Cc using the Recruiting Dropbox. Not only will the Communication page display email sent from ARMS and the replies to those emails, but also provides additional detail about Opens, Clicks and Delivery Status by clicking on the Email Subject.

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