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Coaches often receive emails from prospects directly into their university email inbox. Using the dropbox, ARMS provides coaches with the ability to store this communication directly on a profile or add new recruits to the database.

The following methods can be used to send emails from your university email account into ARMS:

Email communication will be stored on the recruit's profile in the Activity Stream & within the Communication page. If ARMS is unable to match the email to one specific recruit in the database, the email will be stored in Recruiting Dropbox. You will have the option to add the contact as a new recruit or recruiting contact or add the communication onto an existing recruit's profile.

What causes email to be stored in the Recruiting Dropbox?

Email communication saved in Recruiting Dropbox will list a "Reason". Reasons include:

  •  No Matches, which means that the incoming email address does not match the address of any recruiting contact in the database OR

  • Multiple Matches, which means that more than one contact in the database share the same email address.

In cases where the email address matches multiple contacts, you will have the option to Add the contact and match to the existing contact using the Drop-down Menu provided at the top of the Add Screen. The email content will be saved on to the selected contact's profile.

Helpful Hint: After you have added the communication you will want to either merge, edit or delete the contact with the duplicate email address.

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