Module: Time Management

Page: Submitted Logs

The Submitted Logs page allows you to view and filter your logs as you please. From this page you can approve or return events for correction from your pending logs. The features of the Submitted Logs page include:

Filtering Through Facets:

  • The Submitted Logs page allows you to filter logs by sport, log status, rejection status, and date

  • For more information regarding the rejections status facets, see Filtering Logs for Approval - Has Rejections vs No Rejections

Reviewing and Approving or Rejecting Logs

  • On the Submitted Logs page you can bulk approve logs, or review them individually and determine whether to approve them or return them for correction

  • For more information regarding approving logs, see Approving Playing and Practice Log - Compliance

  • For more information regarding rejecting logs, see Rejected Event Management

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