The following article is in relation to automatic reply tracking in ARMS. This only applies to the case in which an email is generated in ARMS with optional reply tracking enabled and the email recipient has a Yahoo or AOL email address.

If an email recipient with a Yahoo or AOL email address replies to your email, it will be tracked in ARMS and forwarded to your personal email inbox. You may notice though that the replying sender's email address looks slightly different than their actual email address.

When a reply is tracked in ARMS, it is first received by ARMS and then a new email is sent to you by ARMS from the replying sender's email address. Yahoo and AOL institute a strict email policy that prevents ARMS from sending the email to your inbox on behalf of the replying sender.

ARMS accounts for this by sending you the email reply without using the replying sender's actual Yahoo or AOL email address. Upon replying to this email though, your reply will again be tracked in ARMS and the email passed along to the other party as usual.

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