Personalize Email with Tokens
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Module: Recruiting, Team, Department, Advancement
โ€‹Page: Email Editor

A message "token" is a placeholder that can be inserted in the body of an email. When the email is sent, this placeholder will generate a personalized piece of information for the recipient, such as a first name. To use tokens in ARMS, use the following steps:

  • Place your cursor within the body of the email, in the place where you want the token to appear - for example, after the word "Hello" if you want the recipient's first name to show up as part of the greeting

  • Click on the Mail Merge token that matches your need - ARMS currently offers 4 token types - First Name, Last Name, Full Name, Nickname

  • The token will appear in the body of the email - e.g. "Hello {firstname}"

By following these steps, "Hello {firstname}" will become "Hello John" for the contact receiving your email, whose first name is John.

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