Module: Team

Page: Playing Season

We have incorporated a new Key to explain the coloring of events on the Team -> Playing Season page.

From the Team Module, click on the Playing Season page and the Key is on the left-hand side of the calendar.

  • Green - Approved Event: This is an event that has been submitted for certification by the coach and approved by the final approver (most likely the compliance administrator).

  • Yellow - Awaiting Approval: This is an event that has been submitted for certification and is currently awaiting final approval.

  • Blue - Awaiting Submission: This is an event that is ready to be submitted for certification. When a log submission is created, all open events prior to that date will turn blue.

  • Grey - Not Submittable: This is an event that is not ready for submission, it is past of the current log submission and will be ready for submission once a future log submission is created.

  • Red - Rejected: This is an event that was submitted by the coach during the certification process and rejected back to the coach by the final approver. When an event is rejected, it will be reopened and that coach can make the requisite changes to the event before resubmitting it with the next log submission.

In addition to the color coding of the events, the days within the Academic Year will also be color coded to denote whether the University is within their Academic Term (Green), in their Final Exam Period (Red), or within an Institutional Vacation Period (Yellow).

Tip: The CARA regulations regarding Final Exam and Vacation Periods for in-season and out-of-season sports are automatically applied based on the institutional calendar.

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