Emails sent from ARMS can optionally be tracked for subsequent replies. These replies will be stored in ARMS and viewable by staff members of your program or department. This provides a significant benefit to your program as it enables collaboration and visibility into email replies that otherwise would only exist in the sender's email inbox.

When an email recipient responds to your email generated in ARMS, they will see your name and email address listed as the sender. The "reply-to" field is used for tracking their subsequent reply. This reply will be tracked in ARMS and then sent on to your personal email inbox.

Purpose of Use:

Coaches may decide to use this feature in order to send mass emails to recruits. Here a coach can create an email and have it sent from the head coach; however, all the email replies will be returned back to the assistant coach.

Example of what recipient sees:

Helpful Hint: Reply tracking is defaulted to "on" when composing an email, but it is an optional setting. If you would like replies to come back to your personal email inbox and not be tracked in ARMS, you can simply turn off "Automatic Reply Tracking" when sending an email in ARMS.

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