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Approving Playing & Practice Log - Compliance
Approving Playing & Practice Log - Compliance
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Module: Time Management
Page: Submitted Logs

When it is time for compliance to submit final approval on events, they can do so from the "Submitted Logs" page under the Time Management module.

Submitting Final Approval on Events:

  • Once you are on the "Submitted Logs" page, you can use the facets on the left side to filter down to the events that are ready for final approval

  • If you are confident each of these events is correct, you can use the top checkbox to select all of the logs, then click the action menu (three lines) button and select "Approve Logs"

  • To further review the events of a specific sport, select the orange "Review" box in the right column of that sport's row

  • From here, you can review the description of each event, and choose to either approve or return them for correction. The individual event will be set to approved by default, but you can optionally click to reject and enter a comment.

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