Module: Department/Team
Page: Student-Athletes/Roster

Managing your student-athlete approver pool is an important step in the CARA event submission process. Your student-athletes need to validate that the events your coaches submit are accurate. There are two tasks you need to complete to completely set up the Student-Athlete Approval Process.

The first step is to set up your CARA Approval Preferences. For information on how to do this see Configuring Departmental CARA Approval Process.

The second step is to set up your pool of Student-Athlete Certifiers (those who will be selected for CARA Approvals).

  • From the Roster menu select the students you would like to add to the certification pool. Or select all students on the page by clicking the check box next "Action"

  • Click the "3-bar" Menu icon on the right hand side of the screen and select "Update CARA Certification Status."

  • A new screen will pop up titled "Update CARA Certification Status" Selecting "Yes" and clicking "Update Status" will add the selected player to the pool.

  • If you ever want to remove a Student-Athlete from the Certification Pool you can follow this same process but select "No" when prompted to update their status.

Important: The ARMS default is to include all manually added student-athletes as certifiers. If your Department does not assign logs for student-athlete approval, this setting can be disabled via Administration, on the Department page.  

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