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Designating Number of SA Approvers
Designating Number of SA Approvers

How many student-athletes should be selected to approve a CARA log.

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Module: Time Management
Page: CARA Approval 

As an ARMS Administrator, you will be able to designate how many Student-Athlete approvers are selected to approve CARA logs for each submission.  

From the Time Management Module:

  • Click into the CARA Approvals Page:

  • Underneath the Certification Settings Column, click on the Red Text next to S-A Approvers.

Reminder: Check out the article for Configuring Student-Athlete CARA Certifiers

Here, you can select whether you want All Student-Athletes that are set as certifiers to receive an approval task, or a Random Selection of those designated Student-Athletes Certifiers.  

If Random Selection is selected, another textbox will open to define how many Student-Athletes from the roster should be assigned an approver per log submission.

Note: Only athletes that are a participant on at least one event and have an active account will be selected.  

Helpful Hint: Each Sport at your institution can have a different number of CARA Approvers.

Best Practices:

  • If all active athletes are configured to be a CARA Log Certifier, it is recommended that the "Pool Type" be set to  "Random Selection". 

  • Departments that select only specific athletes to be certifieirs (example: Seniors or Captains) or do not have log approved by athletes at all, should update the default Student-Athlete Certification Status to be "unchecked" (see below) 

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