Module: Team
Page: Playing Season

Submitting CARA Events is the first step in the CARA process and can only be done be your designated CARA Log Submitter. For more information on how to set up your designated CARA Log Submitter see Defining the CARA Log Submitter.

  • Clicking on "Review Events Now" will bring up a new screen entitled "Submit for Certification." On this screen you will review the number of Competitions, Practices, Coach-Led Skills, or Other events on a week-by-week basis as well as compliance information about the events. For more details about the events for a specific week you can select the "details" link.

  • Clicking "Next" will allow you to confirm those who competed in the competitions for that period. If no competitions were scheduled for the week this page will remain blank.

  • Clicking "Submit" will send complete the CARA Submission process for the coach and will send it to the select number of student-athletes from your "Pool." For information on how to set up your pool of student-athletes see Designating SA Approvers

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