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Multi-Day Tournament Evaluations
Multi-Day Tournament Evaluations
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Module: Recruiting

Page: Recruits, Tournaments

Coaches can now evaluate a PSA on each day of a tournament (or other event), that they have set up in their ARMS account. ARMS will properly attribute one evaluation for the full tournament, no matter how many days that tournament spans.

Setting Up Multi-Day Tournament Evaluations

  • Click "Log Evaluation" inside the PSA profile

  • Denote the "Associated Event" Where the Evaluation

  • Input an evaluation for each date that the PSA was evaluated in the Associated Event

ARMS will automatically roll up the evaluations on multiple days of the same associated event to only count as 1 (one) evaluation for that recruit, but will count the Recruiting Person Days (when applicable) for the staff on each date there was an evaluation at the tournament

Helpful Hint: We will not automatically count a person day for each day of the saved event. We will only calculate a person day for each evaluation that is saved, during the tournament.

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