Module: Team
Page: CARA Management

The Playing Season page under the Team module provides users with a variety of features for CARA management. In addition to being able to view and access the team calendar, the Playing Season page includes: a key for event approval status, access to certification and segment settings, the ability to add events to your calendar, and a notification if you have events awaiting your approval.

Event Key:

  • The event key on the Team - Playing Season page shows you what each color of an event means regarding its event status, whether the event is approved, awaiting approval, awaiting submission, not submittable, or rejected.

  • For more information regarding the event key, see: Description of Key in Playing Seasons

Segment Settings:

  • Optionally, your Compliance department may enable you to configure you segments yourself. If so, you'll see a link for "Segment Settings". Segment Settings allows you to set dates and start days of the week for each of your segments. For more information regarding Segment Settings, see Configuring Segments

Adding Events to Your Calendar:

  • Using the orange "Add Event" button, you can add events to your team calendar. For more information regarding adding events, see Adding an Event to Your Team Calendar

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