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Configuring Departmental CARA Approval Process
Configuring Departmental CARA Approval Process
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Module: Time Management
Page: Settings

Configuring your Departmental CARA Approval Process allows you to get multiple eyes on the Logs and Events submitted by the CARA Log Submitter. While Compliance Team ultimately will have the final say, you have the ability to set additional steps via process roles to allow for as many users to review the event approvals as you would like. These users are then able to send notes to the Compliance Team attached to any event for Compliance to review. These process roles will receive the Logs and Events simultaneously with the Compliance team, allowing the Compliance Team the option to approve immediately or wait until a review by other departmental administrators has been complete.

To customize your Approval Process:

  • Go to the Time Management module and select Settings

  • ARMS will configure Compliance as the Final Approval step by default. If you wish to add a step in the approval process, click "Add a Step". 

  • In the new "Add Event Certification Step" screen that pops up select the Process Role, Name the Step, and denote whether you would like to make the step Sport-Specific or not (We recommend making it sport specific if you have a large staff that is splitting their responsibilities by designated sports).

  • You also have the ability to edit which Process Role is the Final Decision Maker on this screen. The ARMS default (and our strong recommendation) is for the Compliance Team to be the final approver.

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