ARMS Mobile uses notifications to alert a User of important updates to which they are associated. Notifications can appear both within and outside of the app and are often used to navigate a User directly to a specific piece of information that has changed.

What Causes a Notification to Occur?

Currently, there are five (5) types of updates that may generate notifications:

  1. New Message - The User has received a New Message

  2. New Event - The User has been added to a New Event

  3. Event Removed - The User has been removed from an existing Event

  4. Event Deleted - An Event in which the User was a participant has been deleted

  5. Event Reminder - The current time matches an Event Reminder that has been set on one of the User's Events (Student-Athletes only)

Where do Notifications Appear Within the App?

  1. App Navigation Menu Icon - If something requires the User's attention, the menu icon will be illuminated with a count displayed within a red circle. This count will disappear as the User interacts with the unread information.

  2. Messages Menu Option - The Messages menu option will display a count with a count of any Conversations containing unread messages. This count will disappear when the User has opened all unread Conversations.

Figure 1: An Unread Message is displayed within the Navigation Menu

Where do Notifications Appear if the App is Closed?

  1. ARMS Mobile App Icon - The app's icon will light up with a notification count as new notifications are received to the User's device.

  2. Push Notifications - ARMS Mobile sends standard iOS Push Notifications that will alert the User of the update, even when the app is closed (Note: Push notifications must be enabled for ARMS Mobile for this functionality to be available)

Figure 2: The User receives a new Message (iPhone)

Figure 3: The User receives a new Message (Android)

Figure 4: The User has been added to a new Event

Figure 5: An Event on the User's Calendar has been updated

Figure 6: An Event on the User's Calendar has been deleted

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