Required Activities (RARA)
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In order to support new NCAA legislation introduced in 2017-18, new activity types were created specific to the RARA (Required Athletically Related Activity) classification. These rules are configured in ARMS by school and will only appear for Autonomy schools and other schools opting into this new legislation.

How does the ARMS CARA Compliance Engine Account for these types?

  • Rules related to the new legislation detailing what constitutes a valid off-day includes these activity types.

  • The 9pm-6am for 8 contiguous hours without activity includes these activity types.

RARA Activity Types

The new RARA types can be selected when creating a Team event.

The new RARA event types include:

  • Academically Related Activity

  • Community Service Event

  • Compliance Meeting

  • Fundraising Event

  • Health and Medical Activity

  • Life Skills Activity

  • Media Activities

  • Organized Team Promotional Activity

  • Other RARA

  • Promotional Practice Activity

  • Recruiting / Student Host Activity

  • Team Building Activity

  • Travel

NOTE: RARA Activity types are not included in the CARA Submission and Approval process.

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