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Setting Frequency of Event Certification
Setting Frequency of Event Certification
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Module: Compliance
โ€‹Page: CARA & Time Mgmt, CARA Certification

In ARMS, you decide whether you would like to set event certification to occur weekly or monthly. If you set them to occur weekly, you choose which day of the week you want them to regularly occur. If you set them to occur monthly, you select which date of each month you want them to occur.

Setting Frequency of Event Certification:

  • Under the Compliance module, select "CARA & Time Mgmt" and click on CARA Certification

  • On each individual sport row, click the orange text to the right of "Frequency" to configure how often your event certification will occur

  • After selecting the frequency (weekly or monthly), select the desired date of the week or month you would like certification to occur. To save your frequency selections, select "Update"

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