Module: Time Management
Page: Settings

Managing your CARA Log Submitter allows you to control who among the coaching staff is allowed to submit CARA events for certification based on a specified process role.

To manage the Process Role for the CARA Log Submitter:

  • Click into the Time Management Module

  • Navigate to the "Settings" Page

  • Once here you can select any process role within the department that you would like to be in charge of CARA Submission. Our default and recommended process role is "CARA Log Submitter"

ARMS' Recommendation is to use the CARA Log Submitter process role and assign that role to the coach on each staff who is designated as the "CARA" point person.

Managing Assignment of CARA Log Submitter Role

To assign the CARA Log Submitter process role to the staff member responsible for Log tasks, simply go to their ARMS User Profile and update the Process Role for their sport.

Helpful Hint: To view users already assigned this Process Role, go to Administration -> Workflows -> Process Roles tab -> Click on "CARA Log Submitter" and scroll to the bottom

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